It is not only a design or an object that you use everyday, it is rather the charm of the things getting you closer to nature. The cycle of life of Ecoidea boils down to the use of products that have had already their lives and usage.... they got recycled and can continue the journey of life. 
Paper and wooden design makes the man closer to Nature..

Be amazed by the quality of everyday objects made from recycled material. 

Good ideas

for good communication

EcoIdea & think green create together the combination of useful ideas and valuable items. These are the targets of our message: a person, a company and those who care for the environment. Simple, impactful and useful items carrying the leader brand for promotional communication and environmental friendly message.


Useful gadgets,

for the environment too

Think green - articoli promozionali

Think green is the brand that drives your business image, your name, your idea in the direction of the environment. Paper, wood, recycled materials, organic textile... They are the actors that play a promotional role of the items used everyday. The branded product is connected with the message of treating the environment responsibly.



A box made from natural wood, with a light weight and good touch that carries a pleasant surprise. Time, technology and practicality..These are the qualities that go hand in hand with the articles that , in a simple and smart way, suit every desk and every personality. Notebook, pen and USB stick made with cardboard, packed in a kit forms a personal, corporate gift.